Dream of: 08 August 2009 "Munch Berry"

While I was in the bathroom of someone else's apartment, running a bath full of water to take a bath, 10-15 friends of Michelle showed up. I walked into the living room and saw Michelle's half-brother Ray and Ray's wife Bonnie among the group. When I asked them if Michelle had gotten out of jail, they said she had. I was surprised because I hadn't expected Michelle to be free yet. I started looking for Michelle among the crowd, but I didn't see her. I walked all around looking, and when I walked past the bathroom door, I saw Ray and Bonnie sitting in the tub. Their being in the tub didn't register with me at first and I continued walking around. Suddenly, however, when I realized they had taken my bath water, I walked back into the bathroom. Now Bonnie was the only one in the tub. For a second I thought I could climb into the tub with her, but I didn't want to do that.

Continuing to look for Michelle, I finally walked outside and descended some stairs to the street where a car was parked. I was surprised to find my old law-school friend, Jon (about 25 years old), outside. He obviously had arrived with the others. He was friendly and he smiled as I talked with him. I asked him if he had seen Michelle and he said he had. He reported that the group had been somewhere else before they had come to this apartment. Suspicious that Michelle might be with another fellow, I asked Jon if he knew anything. He said the group had been playing some kind of "breast feeding game" at the other place. He said the women would pull out one of their breasts, then the men would take turns sucking on it. I didn't know what to think, but it sounded like something Michelle might do. I wasn't particularly upset, and the game even seemed slightly erotic to me. At the same time, I didn't like the idea of Michelle's participating in such a game.

After talking with Jon a bit more, I walked on through the apartment complex and soon walked unknowingly into someone's apartment. When some people inside looked at me alertly, I realized I had made a mistake. I turned to leave, but I became confused and couldn't remember through which door I had entered. Finally I saw the correct door and I headed toward it. Before I reached the door, my cell phone abruptly rang. Thinking that the caller might be Michelle, I pulled out the phone, but it wasn't Michelle.

Becoming increasingly upset, I walked back outside and continued looking for Michelle. This was Michelle's first day out of jail and she wasn't paying any attention to me. She was simply out running around somewhere. I had anticipated she would want to run wild for a while when she emerged from jail and apparently that was exactly what she was doing. I thought she might at least exhaust the need to run wild if she were given a little time to get it out of her system.

I finally ran into someone who knew Michelle and who had seen her. The person told me that while Michelle had been in jail, her jail mates had called her a "munch berry." I didn't know what a "munch berry" was, but I thought it probably referred to someone who tried to beg for food and other things from people. That sounded like Michelle.

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