Dream of: 30 July 2009 "Big Mistake"

I showed up at the Summerdale Drive House. Even though my ex-wife Carolina wasn't home, I walked on in. As I waited in the front living room, an Asian man and woman (each about 40 years old) walked in. They acted as if they had a right to be there and they asked me what I was doing there. I was becoming rather upset, when I heard Carolina pull up out back. I immediately went to the back door just as she walked in. She looked about 30 years old. She was obviously upset. I quickly learned that the man and woman were there to buy the house. I knew that the date was May 20th, and I learned that Carolina had agreed to sell the house several months earlier for $79,000. Now she realized what a terrible mistake she had made because the house was worth at least $120,000. The man and woman had arrived now so Carolina could sign the deed to the house.

I immediately began talking to her, trying to figure out some way of canceling the contract. She and I walked outside into the back yard. Suddenly, about 10 army officers dressed in green fatigues walked into the backyard from the driveway. Apparently they had arrived to make sure Carolina signed the deed. I didn't think they had any right to be there. All of them had names of countries written on their helmets. I thought they had some kind of "ethnic" function, and that they were there to help the Asian couple. I told the officers that Carolina wasn't going to sign the deed, and she and I walked away. They were obviously upset, but they realized that they couldn't force her to sign the deed right then, and that they would have to take Carolina to court in order to force her to sign. I figured Carolina would probably be able to obtain more money out of some kind of settlement. That was my advice.

Carolina began crying. She was in terrible shape and she didn't know what to do. She had made a big mistake and obviously she was going to lose. I thought, however, it might not be as bad as it seemed.

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