Dream of: 28 July 2009 (2) "Censer"

 I owned a large ranch-style house which I was trying to sell. I was asking $250,000 for it, but I thought I would come down to under $200,000. I was standing in front of the light-brown brick house and looking at it. It needed a bit of cleaning up. A sale sign in front of the house was turned around backwards so it was facing the house. I needed to turn the sign around. A bunch of old mail boxes were hanging on a tree in front of the house -- apparently several different people were living in the house.

I had earlier entered the house and found something which resembled an oblong brass censer on a chain. The censer had something inside of it. I was holding the censer in my hand when an effeminate fellow (about 25 years old) who used to live in the house stepped up to me and told me the censer had belonged to him. He wasn't trying to reclaim the censer, but he obviously wanted it. I didn't say anything. We talked a bit more until I finally told him I would see him the following morning. He left.

Early the next morning I went to the fellow's impressive large house which was nearby. I thought the fellow might live with his parents in the house. I walked around in front of the house, trying to decide if I should knock on the door. I finally decided to wait. I was still trying to decide whether I would return the censer to the fellow. I basically decided I wasn't going to give it back. I reasoned that the fellow had left the censer in my house and I had found it. Therefore the censer now belonged to me. Nevertheless, there was still some possibility I would return the censer. I decided not to wake the fellow yet, and I walked away. 

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