Dream of: 28 July 2009 "Magnifying Glass"

While on the second floor of the 17th Street House, I found a disposable camera, pointed it at my face, and clicked the button to take a picture of myself. The camera made a whirring noise, but nothing seemed to happen. I repeated the procedure with the same result. I finally realized the camera was full and I decided to take it to have the pictures developed. Suddenly, however, a long sheet of negatives was exuded from the camera. I realized the camera was an older model and I wondered if I had made a mistake. I held the negatives into the air so I could see them and I realized they contained pictures of my ex-wife Carolina when she had only been 18-19 years old. It looked as if she was with a fellow and as if they were both naked.

Looking more closely, I saw pictures of several naked people. One picture displayed about 10 naked people. It looked as if Carolina were right in the middle of them, but I couldn't be sure if the person was actually Carolina. The images were too small to be sure. I knew I had a magnifying glass downstairs which I could use. I knew Carolina was also downstairs and I thought I could also ask her about the pictures. I headed down the stairs to retrieve my big magnifying glass.

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