Dream of: 27 July 2009 "Sidekick"

Wayne (my friend Michelle's boyfriend) and I were traveling around together. I was uncertain I should be traveling with Wayne, but he seemed to satisfactorily fill the role of a sidekick. We walked into a high-rise building and walked around until we ended up in a movie theater on one of the upper stories. Strangely, screens were on both ends of the room. Some people were sitting in seats facing one way, other people in seats facing the other. Many seats were still empty at first, but people quickly began filling them, and the good seats quickly disappeared. Wayne and I ended up sitting down in a couple seats over to the side. I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch the movie, but Wayne said it would be good because some of the people were wearing jackets with the initials of colleges on them. I scoffed at what he had said, thinking a movie couldn't be judged as good simply because a few college students were watching it.

I decided to look around. I stood, walked out of the room, and ascended some stairs. I finally walked into an apartment where people had been living. Junk was lying all over the place and I began to wonder if the apartment had been abandoned. I realized some of the clothes lying about belonged to me, and I began gathering them up. I began thinking everything had been abandoned, but when I reached the kitchen I saw stacks of newly washed clothes, which indicated someone was still living there.

While I was still in the kitchen, a fellow walked in and began preparing some food. I picked up a little bowl with water and put some kind of plant in the bowl. I intended to also prepare something to eat.

Instead, however, I decided I needed to return to Wayne. I didn't think he would leave without me. I knew the car was parked outside, and if he was ready to leave, he would probably simply wait for me out by the car.

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