Dream of: 21 July (2) 2009 "Soma"

 Up in the halcyon mountains, Michelle had set up a tent in which people would come to see her. Priestess of a cult, she was distributing pills which made the people (many of whom were old) feel good; but in the long run the pills were killing the people. I wished I could somehow thwart Michelle's distribution of the pills.

I climbed up to a second tent which was on a higher level of the mountain. After entering the tent, I found a brown paper bag filled with small black pills and fragments of pills. Realizing the pills belonged to Michelle, I thought I would simply purloin them. When I walked back out of the tent, I used a telescope to look down on Michelle in her tent below. I could see her handing out the pills.

Michelle's face was radiant and she looked beautiful. Suddenly it looked as if she saw me, and I knew she realized I was going to take her pills. I knew that she was going to come to the second tent and that we were going to have a confrontation. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to convince her to stop distributing the baleful pills. I thought I might bring a law enforcement agent up there to see what was going on, but not to arrest anyone. I just wanted Michelle to see that the law was aware of what she was doing. But I was unsure bringing law officials up there would be a good idea.

The more I thought about the pills, the more they reminded me of the drug "soma" as it was described in Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World. I reflected how "soma" would put people into a fantasy world.  

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