Dream of: 21 July 2009 "The Message"

My friend Michelle was standing across the street from me in front of a hotel which somewhat resembled a building on Gallia Street in Portsmouth, Ohio which used to house a pool hall (which I had sometimes frequented as a teenager). It was snowing outside and Michelle stood bundled up on the snow-covered ground. She was trying to fend off a thin fellow (probably in his late 20s) standing near her. When it began to look as if Michelle and the fellow might come to blows, I started walking toward them. When the fellow saw me approaching, he looked at me as if to ask if I were going to try to defend someone like Michelle. His look seemed to say that Michelle was beyond contempt. I shook my head as if to say that I did intend to defend her, and that whatever Michelle was, she was what I had.

The fellow began rambling about something wrong which Michelle had done. He intimated that Michelle had been trying to persuade him to be with her and he said he could prove it. I began thinking that Michelle might have made a phone call to the fellow and that she might have left a message which would clearly indicate that the fellow was telling the truth. I thought if he were telling the truth, I would not take up for Michelle. I blurted, "Prove it and I'll leave her."

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