Dream of: 20 July 2009 "Pennsylvania Trip"

I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by my uncle Liston, Jr. (a brother of my mother). My aunt Jesse (Liston's wife) and my brother Chris (seven or eight years old) were also in the car. We were taking a trip into Pennsylvania and were going to travel about 1,000 miles. I appreciated Liston's taking us because we needed to make the trip for an important reason. The trip was costing me a lot of money and I was running out. I was paying for the gas and I would probably have to pay for the motels. We had already spent one night in a motel and were going to stay another night in a motel.


The four of us were in a room. Liston was talking to Chris, who wasn't saying anything. Liston told Chris he wanted Chris to come and visit him again. Liston told Chris he was going to teach him about his business. I knew Liston was a preacher. Since I knew Chris probably wouldn't live long, it all seemed like a waste of time. I didn't think Chris would ever actually visit Liston, but it was thoughtful of Liston to offer.

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