Dream of: 18 July 2009 "Sensuous Lips"

I walked into the Logan Street House. I didn't think anyone was there, but I saw my uncle George (with a burr haircut, about 40 years old) crouched on the living room floor. Happy to see him, I approached him. He told me he was sick and I felt sorry for him. When I sat down on the floor, he scooted over to me and I hugged him. I remembered I had recently been with someone else in my family in George's presence, and I hadn't hugged George, even though I had known he had wanted a hug. So now I hugged him for quite a while and I felt close to him.

My mother and my first cousin Ronnie walked into the room. Apparently Ronnie had brought George to the Logan Street House. Ronnie lay down on the couch. It was Sunday afternoon and apparently Ronnie intended to take it easy and stay there for the day. That didn't bother me.

My father showed up next. He drove his car right into the living room. He hit the back wall of the room and it looked as if he dented the wall. I didn't want to be around him, and before he had a chance to get out of the car, I left. I walked about a block away to Mound Park, entered a small restaurant, sat down, and ate a meal. When I had finished, a woman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted some kind of desert. I didn't know exactly what the desert was, but she was persistent, and finally I said yes.

The desert was brought out and set in front of me. It was basically peanuts with chocolate sauce over them. Even though it wasn't very good, when the woman asked me if I liked it, I told her I did.

A pretty black-haired Hispanic waitress (18-19 years old) walked up to my table, sat down beside me and began cleaning the table. I picked up a piece of food, put it in her mouth and said, "You have sensuous lips."

She seemed to appreciate the compliment. I asked her if I could possibly see her later after work. She coyly asked me what I wanted. I was thinking I might be able to pay her to have sex with me. I suggested she could probably use a few dollars. She seemed to understand what I was saying. She stood back up. I had the feeling that I would return and that she would go with me. 

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