Dream of: 15 July 2009 "Cold Paris"

My ex-wife Carolina (probably in her mid 20s) and I had arrived at a hotel in Paris where people were standing in the street waiting for us. We entered the hotel and obtained a room for $90. Even though it was only September, we said we would be staying until 11/11.

We went to our room and spent the night. When we awoke the next morning, I realized I only had about $94, barely enough to pay for the room. Since it was almost check-out time, we packed our belongings and tried to decide what we were going to do, when a tall slender woman who had given us the room showed up. I gave her the money for the room, then tried to explain that we didn't have any more money, but that we still needed a place to stay. Extremely unfriendly, she insisted that we leave. Carolina and I gathered our few belongings and left.

Unsure where we would stay, we found a table on the street and we sat down. A couple young Asiatic women were sitting at a table near us on a raised platform higher than us. When Carolina and I started talking about how we didn't have any money and didn't know where we were going to stay, I thought the Asiatics might overhear what we had said and take pity on us, but they didn't say anything. When some other people sat down at our table, Carolina and I stood and walked away.

At least we did have a car, and I told Carolina we could stay in a car that night, even though I knew it was going to be cold. We had four blankets and some more clothes in the car. When we reached the car and climbed in, it was already growing dark. I noticed a woman climbing into another car parked across the street. It looked as if she were going to lie down in the car, but instead the car pulled out and headed down the street. I decided to also leave and I pulled out and followed the other car. I could see two people in the other car, and it looked as if they might be preparing to have sex.

I wasn't sure where I was going to park and I wasn't sure what we were going to do. I didn't know anyone I could call. I couldn't call my father any more and ask him for money. I just didn't know what I was going to do.

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