Dream of: 14 July 2009 "Cajolery"

I was in a gigantic hardware store containing myriad labyrinthine passages and aisles. My father (who also resembled my step-grandfather Clarence) owned the store. He and probably 10 other men were sitting in a small enclosed section near the middle of the store. I wanted to remind him that he had promised to give me a new computer which I desperately needed. When he looked straight ahead and refused to look at me, however, I had the painfully sinking feeling that he had changed his mind about giving me the computer.

I thought about my friend Michelle and how she would artfully beg and cajole me into giving things to her. I normally didn't approach my father the way Michelle did me, but I needed the computer so badly, I was willing to employ Michelle's tactics.

My father and the other men stood up to leave and they all walked out. Since he hadn't said whether he was going to get the computer for me, I had the forlorn feeling he wasn't. I stood silent, still hoping I might somehow receive the computer.

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