Dream of: 12 July 2009 (2) "Upstairs, Downstairs"

Michelle had been released from jail and she had stayed with me for several days. We had sex over and over until I was finally tired of it. Since I had had enough sex for a while, Michelle went to stay with her boyfriend, Wayne, who was living downstairs in the same two-story house where I was living upstairs. After Michelle went downstairs, I stood at the top of the stairs and listened. The kitchen was at the bottom of the stairs and I could hear Wayne and Michelle talking below. Another man and woman, as well as a bunch of children were also with them. It sounded as if they were saying something about getting naked. When I noticed my shadow on the wall, I was afraid someone might look upstairs and realize I was listening. Since I couldn't hear well, I stepped back from the top of the stairs.

I was bothered that Michelle would be having sex with Wayne right downstairs from me. I thought it might be time for me to stop seeing Michelle, but I really didn't want to do that. Breaking up with Michelle was difficult for me, even though I knew she was downstairs having sex with Wayne.

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