Dream of: 12 July 2009 "Suspected Kidnapping"

I awoke in the backseat of a car, with a woman. A husky fellow (perhaps 50 years old) was driving. I tried to recall where I was and I remembered I had been in a motel with several other people, but I wasn't exactly sure what I had been doing with them. I realized, however, the fellow who was driving the car had abducted me. I also realized I had left in the motel my girlfriend (almost my wife) and another fellow (who resembled Philip Seymour Hoffman). I now remembered he and the others in the motel had been working on a project with me. I again reflected that the fellow driving the car had simply whisked me away from the motel scene.

I quickly interjected out loud that he was "kidnapping me." The driver mollifyingly murmured, "Noooo," as we rode along the street of a tiny town. To prove he meant what he said (that he wasn't kidnapping me), he pulled over to the curb.  I understood that I had the choice of going on with him or getting out of the car. I decided: the woman and I stepped out of the car. She was manifestly nervous, uncertain we were doing the right thing. Looking down the street ahead of us, I could see the short one block of the downtown.

I was carrying a rifle, which I pushed into the sleeve of the coat I was wearing. I intended to take the rifle to some bushes on the side of the road and hide the gun there. Meanwhile I was wondering how I would put myself in touch with my girlfriend and the fellow back in the motel. My cellphone was with me and I tried to remember phone numbers which I could call so I could reach them.

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