Dream of: 01 July 2009 "Screeching Underground Elephants"

I had gone to visit my paternal grandmother Mabel (1908-1997) and my paternal step-grandfather Clarence (1916-1993) at a house which they had bought in the country. I was somewhat reluctant to visit them, since it seemed they only wanted me to do some work in the kitchen for them.

I walked outside and entered a long barn-like building. I became intrigued when I saw boxes of board games stacked up in the barn. I could not see the boxes well, however, because stacks of newspapers were between me and the boxes. I thought I might climb up on the stacks of newspapers so I could better see the board games.

Just as I started to climb on the newspapers, an old 1950s model, light-blue car entered the barn and turned around in a circle. Since I didn't want to talk with anyone, I started walking toward the exit. Once outside, I found myself in what appeared to be an amusement park. As I walked around amidst the other people, I thought I would prefer spending the day in the amusement park instead of with my grandparents.

In my hand I was holding a little white paper which I folded up and threw down on the ground. Almost immediately I realized the paper had been my ticket for the amusement park. I walked back to where I had thrown down the paper and started looking for it. I saw a piece of paper (which someone kicked) and I picked it up, but it wasn't the piece I had thrown down. I worried someone might check me later and throw me out when I was found not to have a ticket. 

I passed some people standing at the top of a ramp which stretched down into an underground room. When I stopped and stood with the others, I could hear a screeching sound emanating from the room, and suddenly I saw a little baby elephant walking up the ramp. It was so pretty. It walked toward me and as it passed me, I reached out and touched it on the back. As it walked though the crowd of people, I followed it until I finally reached out, grabbed it and began petting it, even though I was unsure petting was allowed.

I could still hear the screeching sound from the underground room and I realized the screeching sounded like a whole heard of elephants making the noise. A man walked up to me and said something about "one forty." I concluded that at 1:40 the elephants would be brought out of the underground room for viewing.

Instead of waiting to see the elephants, I walked on. I passed a large circular room filled with magazines. I thought I could get a magazine and spend the day reading it, if I wanted. But I didn't stop, and I next noticed a boy (about 10 years old) had walked up to me and had excitedly started talking about a big snake which was close-by. I walked with him over to the entrance of a room and looked inside. Some men were knelt down on the floor and were energetically trying to pull something up out from under the floor. I finally saw the macabre thing. It looked something like a giant head of a snake (about a half meter wide), but more like the head of a giant catfish. The men pulled and pulled until suddenly the thing popped out. It wasn't a snake at all, but a big brown cow (at first I thought it was a bull). It was a long-horn. It lay on the ground on its back - an amazing sight. I couldn't figure out how the cow had been under the floor of the room. 

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