Dream of: 19 June 2009 "Fincis"

I walked into the Gallia County Farmhouse and discovered a number of people inside. After I watched two fellows walk down a long hallway and enter a room at the end, I followed them and walked into the room. Five black men were in the room and two were holding marijuana joints. One fellow seemed to be sniffing the air. Since I thought I had some rights in the Farmhouse, I authoritatively demanded to know if they were smoking marijuana. They sensed they had been caught. I ordered, "Give it to me."

One of them handed me a joint. As I took a hit from the joint, they realized I wasn't there to stop them from smoking and they seemed relieved. When I asked them where they were from, one fellow (lying on a bed on his back) answered, "Africa."

I said, "I figured that. Where?"

He said, "Fincis."

I told him I had never heard of "Fincis" and another fellow also said he had never heard of "Fincis." I asked, "Is that a city or a country?"

He said it was a city. I told him I had thought as much. He then said that Fincis was in Tripoli. I blurted out that Tripoli wasn't a country. He answered that Tripoli was indeed a country and another fellow quipped, "Yea it is."

They seemed to think I wouldn't know where any place in Africa was, but I knew I was fairly familiar with the geography of Africa. I figured we could talk about where the fellow was from. I tried to place Tripoli in my mind. I thought it must be near the northern edge of Africa. I couldn't remember exactly where Tripoli was, but I definitely didn't think it was a country. I finally said, "Tripoli. Its up there between Libya and Argentina. No, not Argentina. I mean Algeria." I thought the name of the country began with an "A" (but actually I was thinking of Tunisia, not Algeria).

I wondered if a globe of the world could be found somewhere in the Farmhouse.

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