Dream of: 18 June 2009 "Nail In The Chest"

George (a Portsmouth handyman who sometimes worked for me), two other fellows, and I were in the Seventh Street House. I was running out of money, and I had decided I needed to fix up the House and sell it.

We all started working. George began working in the middle room while I worked in the front room. I first concentrated on a board which was hanging down from the ceiling -- a piece of loose stripping which went around the edges of the ceiling. I was just about to pound a nail into the board, when I realized I had placed the nail on the chest of one of my helpers (a muscular fellow about 20 years old) and was just about to pound the nail into his chest. I stopped in time, surprised by my mistake. I finally managed to properly nail back the strip of wood.

The House improved quickly, even though the workers seemed to be slacking somewhat. I was worried about my money supply. I thought I would have enough to pay everyone for today, but I probably wouldn't have enough to keep them working the following day.

I noticed George had pasted some pictures of naked women on the wall. He had done it tastefully and I thought I would leave them there. I reflected, however, I would probably have to take down the pictures if I were showing the House to a woman.

I just hoped I could finish all the work I still needed to do on the House. 

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