Dream of: 17 June 2009 "One More Chance"

As I was standing behind the Gallia County Farmhouse,  I looked down at the field at the bottom of the hill. The entire field was covered with water and it looked more like a lake. I was instantly aware of some commotion. Ducks and chickens were running frantically along the edge of the water, as if they were being chased by something. I figured a wild animal was chasing the fowl, and I tried to catch a glimpse of the animal. Finally I saw it -- not a wild animal at all, but Kirsten (Michelle's brown pet bull)!

I angrily ran as fast as I could down the hill and plunged into the water, which was about waist deep. I chased Kirsten around the water until I finally caught her. She offered no resistance as I grabbed her and held her under the water. I only intended to scare her, but I held her so long, I realized I might have drowned her.

As I held her under the water, I looked along the shore line and saw my sister standing there watching me. I realized Kirsten belonged to my sister and I figured my sister would become angry when she saw what I was doing. But she appeared to be unmoved and seemed to accept that Kirsten couldn't be allowed  to kill the fowl, even if it meant killing Kirsten.

I finally pulled Kirsten's head out of the water. She wasn't breathing. Just as I was certain Kirsten was dead, she slowly began to breath. Obviously she was still alive. Relieved I hadn't killed her, I said to Kirsten, "Are you going to be good if I give you one more chance?"

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