Dream of: 16 June 2009 "Light My Fire"

I was in an office which I had opened. I had some employees and one fellow (about 30 years old) was helping trade stocks on a computer. I had sold short five different stocks and he was monitoring those stocks. I only had about $5,000 of my own money, but my father had a couple million dollars which was also shown in a separate column in the account. Thus when the fellow saw my account, he thought the two million belonged to me and he was clearly impressed. I directed his attention to the five short stocks however and told him to concentrate on those.

When trading ended, we calculated I had made $15 for the day. I was satisfied. $15 would help. The five stocks were all "music" stocks. I hadn't been sure at first what the stocks actually were, but I had figured out they were all stocks of individual musicians, and I was betting against them by selling them short. I knew I was running a risk because the entire stock market might rise and the music stocks might go up as well, but I was going to stay with my position.

I started walking around the office, which consisted of numerous rooms. It was time for me to leave but first I needed to urinate. I walked down one corridor and opened several doors. People were in all the rooms and it looked as if classes were taking place in some rooms. I tried to find my way back o my own office, where I knew there was a restroom. I continued on until I reached the door to my office. Just as I was about to walk in, I saw a silver-haired man whom I quickly identified as Wheat. I was happy to see him.

We began talking but we didn't shake hands. He seemed slightly standoffish. I told him I had once again started practicing law. I told him I was even going to prepare documents like interrogatories. I used to think nothing could be more boring than interrogatories, but now I was going to try to find an interest in preparing the interrogatories.

I told him I had already signed up a musician earlier in the day as a client. I was also thinking I had signed up the musician's agent. He asked me what musicians did and I told him they wrote songs, and I sung out the words "Come on baby light my fire" as an example of a song.

I walked into the bath room and began urinating as I continued talking with Wheat through the door.

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