Dream of: 15 June 2009 "White Squid"

A woman (probably in her mid 30s) was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car which I was driving east through New Boston. I used to know her from somewhere a long time ago. As we talked, I lit up a marijuana joint and smoked it. When I had finished, even as I was driving, I pulled out a large baggie of marijuana and began rolling another joint. The cigarette paper was only about a centimeter wide -- very short. The marijuana in the bag was peculiar looking: some of it was in big pieces and one piece was white and in the form of a little squid.

When I finished rolling, I lit up the joint and proceeded to smoke the whole thing by myself. Only when I had finished did I realize I hadn't offered any to the woman. I turned to her, apologized, and told her the marijuana had been so powerful, it had made me forget to give her any. I then described how the marijuana had looked. I specifically mentioned the piece which had looked like a squid and tried to describe the long tentacles.

After I pulled over to the curb for a moment, a man stepped up to the car and began talking to the woman. Apparently they were friends. I was a little nervous because I was holding the big baggie of marijuana in my hand. I tried to stick it under both her seat and mine, but pushing the marijuana under the seat was difficult. Finally I did however manage to push it under the seat.

When the woman and man finished talking, I pulled off. I asked her if the man was "cool." I wanted to know if I had to worry about his seeing the marijuana. She indicated I had nothing to worry about. I continued driving. 

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