Dream of: 12 June 2009 "Adele"

Michelle and I were sitting in the front seat of a car which someone else was driving. I was thinking about changing my stance regarding Michelle's drug use. Instead of trying to convince her to stop taking pills, I thought I might instead buy about a thousand 80 milligrams pills of Oxycontin for her. I knew I could get the pills cheap if I bought a lot. I might let her take the pills for a while without constantly reproving her. I might even let her sell some pills so she could make extra money.

 I was a little worried about the police, because I already had some pills which I was carrying in a baggie. I knew Michelle hadn't taken any pills for a while and when I showed her the baggie of pills, she looked at them longingly. Among other pills, the baggie contained half of a red 60 milligram Oxycontin pill. When Michelle asked me where the other half of the pill was, I pulled out a second baggie which contained the other half.

We finally pulled up to a big house out in the country and stepped out of the car. We were standing in a pleasant area outside a large house where it looked as if a social gathering were going to take place. Many people began showing up and Michelle said she saw "Bobbie Bub."  At first I didn't know to who she was referring, but then I realized she was talking about her half-brother, Ray (whom she sometimes called "Bub"). I wasn't happy to know he was there.

I suddenly remembered I had left some marijuana in the car. The marijuana was wrapped in tin foil and looked like a big fat finger. I headed back to the car to retrieve it. Once I had fetched the marijuana, I returned to where I had left Michelle, but she had disappeared.

It had suddenly become quite dark and foggy, and as I stumbled along, I felt someone take hold of my right hand. I realized it was Michelle and we began walking along together. Gradually I realized two other fellows (probably in their early 20s) were with Michelle and I wondered who they were. It seemed strange that she would have already latched onto two fellows. I couldn't see well because it was so dark, but I could hear Michelle talking with the two fellows and it bothered me. Finally I just let her hand slip out of mine and I let her continue walking on. She didn't even seem to notice that I had let go of her hand. I simply sat down on the ground and let her walk on down the foggy forest path.

After she had disappeared into the fog, I realized I had probably made a mistake by allowing her to leave like that. I stood up and walked in the direction where she had disappeared, but I couldn't find her.

A woman (probably in her early 30s) suddenly appeared out of nowhere and asked me (more as if she demanded) if I would carry her and her baby (whose name was "Adele"). I immediately put my arms around the woman and lifted her into the air. She was thin and didn't weigh much, and the baby was so small, I couldn't even see it. As I walked along with the woman in my arms, I kept an eye out for Michelle because I didn't want Michelle to see me carrying the woman.

The path finally led to an idyllic little town. Apparently we had just been on the outskirts of the town. I set the woman down and we continued walking along together with our arms around each other, headed for a park which we could see up ahead of us. When I finally caught a good look at the woman's face, she was quite pretty. She had short blonde hair and a lovely face. I told her she was better looking than I had thought she would be.  I immediately liked her.

As we were walking past a building, we turned and walked inside. The building housed a sports arena with a wooden floor like a basketball court and bleachers on one side. We walked up the stairs into the bleachers, reached the top of the stairs, then started walking up a second set of stairs. When we reached the top of the second set, we turned around and started walking back down another set of stairs. Once we started down, however, we realized the stairs were more like a sliding board with no steps and we slid all the way down to the top of the first stairs. We were going so fast (and since there was no railing in front of us), we flew out into the air over top the basketball court. Although it was a three or four meter drop, we lightly sailed down to the court and landed. I said, "Wow, that was easy."

I wondered if people were watching us and I kept wondering if Michelle was going to see me there with the woman. I was almost to the point where I didn't care much if Michelle saw me. The woman and I turned around and started walking back up the steps.

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