Dream of: 08 June 2009 "Not Complaining"

I was staying for a while with my father and my mother (both probably in their early 40s). I had returned to their house late at night (about 3 a.m.), and discovering that they weren't home, I had climbed into their bed. When they returned home later in the night (about 5 a.m.), I was awakened by their arrival. Although they didn't come into the bedroom, I could hear them in the house.

I was very tired the following morning and I didn't want to get up until late. As I lay asleep in the bed, a tall black girl (only about 14-15 years old) walked into the room. She stepped over to a commode in the corner of the room, sat down on the commode and began urinating. I found her presence somewhat erotic. I was naked, although I had a cover over me. I pulled the cover off me a little, so my butt was exposed. I thought about simply standing up and walking over in front of her, but I didn't.


A while later I awoke. I could hear my parents in the next room. It was late and I knew they would be wondering why I was sleeping so late. I stood up and walked into the room where they were and I quickly explained to them that I hadn't gone to bed until five o'clock in the morning. My father stood up. Neither of us was wearing a shirt. I stepped over to him and we bumped our chests against each other as if we were pushing each other. But we were friendly and it was all in good humor. He said something about my complaining. I said, "I was not complaining, but explaining."

I meant that I wasn't complaining about their returning home so late, but that I was just explaining why I had been sleeping so late.

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