Dream of: 07 June 2009 "Thin Veneer"

It was morning and I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse. I had just bought about 20 orange pills of 80 milligram Oxycontin which were in the pocket of a brown khaki shirt hanging on the back of a chair in the room. I had already taken one pill that morning, and I decided to take another. After reaching into the shirt pocket, pulling out a pill, and sticking it in my mouth, I immediately questioned whether I should be taking the pill orally -- perhaps I should be snorting it. I thought I could shave the pill the way I had seen Michelle do. I thought the pill had a time-release formula and therefore needed time to take effect if it were ingested orally. Snorting the pill might therefore be better. I wondered if I had a shaver in the Farmhouse and I reflected about how much trouble Michelle went through in order to snort her pills.

I could see Michelle (about 20 years old) sitting in the next room. She and my father were sitting at a table and talking. She looked very pretty, a little like my second wife Carolina when Carolina had been about 20 years old. As I thought about how pretty Michelle looked, I reflected that her outer beauty was just a thin veneer. Something quite different lay under the surface. I thought back on the time she had shown up at my 17th Street House in August 2007. She had been so beautiful, but I had quickly discovered something quite different below the surface.

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