Dream of: 06 June 2009 "Dr. Doom"

I was in a room on the second floor of an old house where I was living. The walls of the room were covered with shelves filled with books, almost like a library. I had just carried in seven or eight books which I had bought cheap (about 50 cents apiece) at a second hand store. As I looked over the new acquisitions, I discovered a couple weren't in very good shape. One was a thick copy of the Fantastic Four comic book, about two centimeters thick, more like a book than a comic book. As I looked through the book, I realized the front cover was loose and the back cover was completely missing. It was a reprint of several comic books which had formed a long story. On the last page was a full-page picture of Dr. Doom. I thought I might be able to sell the book, but I knew it was difficult to sell books in damaged condition. A second smaller book was heavily taped and would also be hard to re-sale.

I abruptly noticed two children (probably 7-8 years old) in the room, looking at the books. I wondered where they had come from. I suddenly took off running downstairs. I reached the front room, also filled with books, and found a man and woman looking at the books. I was upset because I didn't know why they would be in my house. I asked them what made them think they could come in there and they said they had received a card in the mail.

As I had been coming down the stairs, I had remembered I had been planning to have a yard sale, but I had decided not to have the sale, and I hadn't put any signs in the yard. When the man and woman showed me the card, however, I suddenly remembered I had mailed out little cards to people in the neighborhood. The cards had said I intended to start selling some things from the house. This particular room, however, was off limits -- I only intended to sell things out of the upstairs room. This room contained my good books which I didn't want to sell. I noticed several large foreign language dictionaries on one of the top shelves.

Since the man and woman already had several books in their hands, I tried to think of what I could tell them. I could let them have the books, but I knew I wasn't going to do that because those were good books.  

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