Dream of: 02 June 2009 "The Fall"

I was taking a tall slender woman (probably in her mid 30s) to the Gallia County Farm. She was going to help me price a bunch of stuff which I had stored on the Farm and which I intended to sell. I wanted to show her how to price it fast. When we arrived at the Farm, I discovered that my father (probably in his late 30s) had set up a ladder to the second floor of the Farmhouse and was standing up there on a platform, doing some kind of work on the Farmhouse. I started climbing up the ladder to reach my father, and the woman was following me up the ladder.

I reached the platform and stood up by my father. We were getting along well and he seemed happy to see me. I noticed he was smoking a cigarette. Suddenly he backed up too far and he fell off the side of the platform. I watched as he fell. He looked so far away when he smashed into the ground. He fell on his back and his body looked like a small pile of dog feces. I kept saying, "Oh, no, no, no."

I started climbing down the ladder. I knew he was either dead or terribly injured. I felt terrible. 

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