Dream of: 16 May 2009 (2) "Whores On Television"

I was with a woman (about 30 years old) who was an amalgam of Michelle, my second wife Carolina, and my first wife Louise. I simply thought of the woman as my wife, not as any one of the three women individually, even though she had characteristics of all three women merged into one.

She and I had been sitting for a hour in a class or seminar in a college. Before we had entered the class, I had seen her in the hall talking with a black man (over two meters tall) in the hall. A black boy was accompanying the man. I had become jealous, thinking my wife and the black man were involved with each other.

After the black man had walked off, my wife told me he had originally come there to pick her up after class. Now, however, he had left.

After the class ended I became angry when I once again saw my wife talking with the same black man. I was angry because the black man had waited for the class to end, even though he knew my wife was with me. After they had been talking together for a few minutes, I lost sight of them. I walked around looking for my wife until I finally spotted her at the bottom of some stairs (along with other students); she was walking up the stairs. I caught up with her and as I ascended the stairs with her, I said something to her about "being with that nigger."

Although I hadn't realized the black man was also standing nearby, I spotted him just as he turned around and looked at me. Realizing he had obviously he heard what I had said, I thought I was going to have problems with him.

As my wife and I walked up the stairs, the black man walked to the end of the hallway to a separate set of stairs and he likewise headed up. I knew we had been on the 5th floor and I feared I would again encounter the black fellow on the next floor. When we reached the next floor, however, I didn't see him.

My wife and I sat down and talked. I was still angry and I thought about simply walking off and leaving her there. When I finally turned and simply walked away, she jumped up, ran up to me and stood behind me. I turned around and looked at her. Crying, she said something about a divorce and she said she was going to take everything I had. I retorted that I would then get half of the house (I was referring to the Summerdale Drive House, where my second wife Carolina and I lived during our marriage). She became extremely upset because she thought the Summerdale House belonged to her.

After we walked outside, we began to reconcile somewhat and as we walked down the street, I decided I wanted to go into a store to see if I could find any girlie magazines which my wife and I could look at together and then have sex. I walked into the store and bought something with the title "Whores On Television."

When I walked back out of the store, my wife was sitting in a car with a man. I opened the car door and told her I had just the right thing for her: "Whores On Television," insinuating that she was a whore.

The man (a big husky black-haired fellow, about 35 years old) was sitting in the driver's seat and my wife was sitting on his lap. Her top was pulled down so one breast was wantonly exposed. As she sat on the man's lap and lasciviously rubbed against him, I told her that her present actions were exactly what I was talking about.

Instead of becoming angry, however, I thought I would simply try to get in the mood so the three of us could have sex together, and I asked the man if he wanted "sucked off" or something like that. When he indicated he did, my wife moved off his lap and into the middle of the seat; she then began unzipping the man's pants. By then, I was sitting in the front passenger seat. My wife, instead of leaning over onto the man, leaned back toward me and laid her head on me. I put my hand on one breast and the man put his hand on the other. He began squeezing her breast hard and fast.

I was aroused as I thought the three of us would have sex right there in the car.

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