Dream of: 16 May 2009 "Pain In The Neck"

I was riding in a car in Portsmouth with my father and my mother, lying down with my back toward my father. He started talking to me and mentioned a gun which I had which he said belonged to him. He said I could give him a "pre-close deposit" on the gun, which meant he wanted me to pay him for the gun.

I recalled that I did have a little black handgun which belonged to him. I had forgotten about the gun, and the more I thought about it, it seemed as if I had given the gun away to someone. The gun had disappeared. I didn't know where it was or what condition it was in. I didn't know what to say about it.

He mentioned a toaster which I apparently had which also belonged to him. The more he talked, the angrier I became. Finally I angrily asked him how much he wanted for the gun. He said he would take $75 for it. I asked him how much he wanted for the toaster and he said he wanted $50 for the toaster. I calculated the total came to $125 and I thought I would simply give him the money.

I asked him if there was anything else I had which he wanted me to pay for. He mentioned my 1999 white Ford Escort and said he would like for me to obtain insurance on the car. I suddenly remembered the car actually did belong to him. The car wasn't fully insured -- I only carried liability insurance.

I became so angry by what he had said, I blurted out, "I don't need a car."

I thought I would simply give the car back to him. I knew I only had a couple thousand dollars in cash and I therefore wouldn't be able to buy another car. I said, "I can walk."

I told him I would give him back all the stuff I had, which he apparently needed so badly. I added, "You certainly don't want a son."

As we had been talking, he had put his hand on my back and he was pressing his thumb into the left side of my back, near the shoulder blade. For some reason, I couldn't move, and his thumb was beginning to cause me pain. I wanted him to take his thumb away. Instead, he began pressing his other thumb into my neck. I was unable to move and his thumbs were causing me pain.

He increased the pressure. It was almost electrifying and I felt paralyzed. I thought I might holler out "Mom!," to tell my mother what he was doing, but I was so paralyzed, I couldn't speak.

With great effort, I finally managed to roll back on top of him, breaking his hold on me.

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