Dream of: 13 May 2009 (2) "Dull Dreams"

I was in New York City, walking along a park, when I noticed the Howard Stern show was making a broadcast from the park. I recalled I had visited the Howard Stern show years ago. I ran into a stocky black-haired woman (about 40 years old). I talked to her for a few minutes, then sat down by myself in something which looked like a phone booth. Everyone else was sitting in chairs facing a little stage where Howard was supposed to sit. Another fellow was sitting on the stage and talking at the moment.

I thought if I were to end up talking with Howard, he might ask me what I had been doing all this time. I would have to admit that I hadn't been doing much of anything. I had written a lot of dreams, and I thought I might even pull up all the dreams in which Howard had appeared over the years. I thought those dreams were dull, but I thought dreams were just naturally dull. I reflected that many things which were important in life were dull. Dreams weren't really exciting. I thought how some people, like Sigmund Freud for example, had spent a lot of time on dreams, even though they were dull. So I knew there was something to be gained from dreams.

Another fellow came walking along on the sidewalk. It looked as if he were talking on a microphone. I looked at him closely. It looked as if he were going to sit in today for Howard. He walked onto the stage and sat down in the main chair. People gathered around him. Suddenly he looked at me and everyone else also looked at me. I felt rather stupid because I wasn't sitting with the others, but I didn't want to be part of what was going on.

Some people walked over to me and lifted off the booth, so I was exposed. I was simply sitting there by myself. One fellow (about 40 years old) on the stage looked at me and started talking to me. He asked me some questions about myself. He asked me how old I was, and I said, "Oh, old enough."

I really didn't want to say a lot about myself. He was friendly for a short while, then he started focusing on something else. I seemed to recall knowing the fellow years ago when I used to go to the Howard Stern show. It seemed as if he and I had once gone to a party together.

I again saw the black-haired woman. It seemed as if I had met her years ago, but I couldn't exactly remember. She had aged so much, I couldn't be sure.   

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