Dream of: 13 May 2009 "Thirteen Books"

As I was showing a house to an attractive woman (around 40 years old), she and I walked into a room and immediately began having sex. As we proceeded, I soon began thinking about Michelle and I wondered what I would think if I knew Michelle were having sex with another man. I started wondering where Michelle was, recalled she was living with her boyfriend, Wayne, and concluded she probably did have sex with another man.

My thoughts of Michelle became so vivid in my mind, I began to imagine I was actually talking to her on the phone. She had been with me earlier and over the phone she told me she had left partly because she hadn't had anything to read. She said, "I love you. I really truly love you. Next time I'll bring thirteen more books."

She sounded so mature and sincere. I was happy to hear what she had said.

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