Dream of: 07 May 2009 "Crossing A Fence"

Carolina and I were in a large open mall-like area. Some deli stands were set up and Carolina was gathering some food at one stand. She had already picked out about a dozen croissants and laid them out on a table and was busily looking for moor food to add to the croissants. It seemed she thought she could pay one price and get as much food as she could stack on the table. I thought that she was mistaken and that she would have to pay more for the food than she anticipated. Meanwhile I picked up a croissant and began munching on it.

I was impatient because Carolina had been taking so long. When she went into the bathroom and dallied there, I became even more agitated. I walked over to the bathroom door and hollered for her to come out. She stood just inside the door and hollered back to me. Finally she stepped out, but she had forgotten her pants inside. She quickly hurried back in, put on the rest of her clothes and came back out.

She then began working on a big bag which she had filled with stuff, including see some white blankets. I was afraid the store officials might think Carolina had stolen something, although I knew she hadn't. As she was working on the bag, she discovered a money order for $20. It wasn't filled out. I thought perhaps she could cash it somewhere there in the mall. I picked it up and Carolina and I walked back over to the food booth with it.

She seemed unconcerned to discover that the employees had already put her food back up. I was still eating the croissant and I was uncertain whether it had been paid for, but I thought it had.

I walked up to a fellow (about 25 years old) at the food counter and showed him the money order. He said he could cash it. He laid some change on the counter and then handed me some bills. I realized he had charged me a fee for cashing the money order. I also recalled another money order which I had found in a glove compartment which had already been filled out by Carolina and which therefore would be more difficult to cash. I wasn't sure where it was.

When I turned back around to leave, I didn't see Carolina anywhere. I figured she had already left. I headed for the door and walked out. I was carrying something heavy. Outside, I realized I was in a small Central American country. I remembered we had parked the car farther up a concrete road which ran up a hill in front of me. I started walking up the sidewalk of the winding road. I saw some peasant women in front of me and I sped up so I could pass them. Instead of passing them on the sidewalk, however, I veered off into a path which ran through a forest area along the sidewalk. After I veered off, a tall metal fence began running between the sidewalk and the path so I was unable to get back on the sidewalk.

As I passed the women, I picked up speed. I began going faster and faster through the trees. I had the ability to run at high rates of speed and not hit anything. I wondered if the women would be impressed when they saw me speeding through the trees.

I recalled I had traveled this path once before and I knew I would have difficulty getting over the tall fence. Farther down the line, I would even have to cross over two fences. I contemplated how I would do so. I might have to take a running leap, jump onto the fence and climb it. Or I might have to crawl under it. Either way, surmounting the fence would be difficult.

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