Dream of: 29 April 2009 "A Pleasant Kiss"

I was in a room where a bunch of chairs had been set up for a meeting which was going to take place. When I sat down, a very pretty blonde-haired girl (probably in her late teens) walked up and sat down on my lap. I had seen the girl before, but I really didn't know her. Our faces came together and we engaged in an extremely pleasant kiss. Her lips were especially soft and pleasurable.

I was worried, however, that Michelle might show up. Wanting to stop kissing, I pulled my face away from the girl and was just about to tell her we had to stop because Michelle might arrive. When I looked up, I saw that Michelle had walked into the room and was standing right in front of me. As I tried to make the girl stand up from my lap, Michelle looked at me as if she were going to cry and then walked out of the room.

When the girl finally climbed off my lap, I stood up and walked outside into a hallway. Three other girls (all about 20 years old) were standing gathered around Michelle as if they were protecting her. They didn't want to allow me close to Michelle. I walked up to them and began pushing them away. I grabbed Michelle, pulled her close to me and tried to explain that I didn't even know the girl and that she had simply walked up to me and thrown herself on me. I hoped Michelle would understand and take me back.

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