Dream of: 22 April 2009 "Sick Camel"

I was living with a man who was my father (only about 30 years old, not my real father) and my mother in a spacious modern house. I had come to live with them because lately I had been having difficulty living on my own and I did not have anywhere else to go.

My father walked into the room carrying a large, complex cabinet which he had obtained somewhere. The cabinet had tables connected to it on both sides. It was old, had parts missing, and was painted a garish, bright yellow. It was an antique, but in poor shape and it needed repaired. I told my father I would work while I was living with him to help pay for my stay. I thought perhaps I could restore the cabinet for him.

I looked over the cabinet. Parts were simply tacked together with pieces of wood. Parts were missing. The cabinet would obviously need new hinges. Several legs were missing off the tables. Some ornamental sitting wooden Buddhas were incorporated into the piece, but some Buddhas were clearly missing. I pulled off one of the table tops and one of the legs and held them out to my father, questioning whether he wanted me to completely restore the cabinet to its original shape. I mentioned that some new Buddhas would need to be carved. He acted as if I might be able to put it back together without doing too much work on it. I thought to myself that I would like to do the job right if I were going to undertake it.

As I was fiddling with the cabinet, I looked into the adjoining kitchen and noticed a camel (about the size of an average dog) lying in the kitchen sink. I said, "My camel," and I walked over to it. The camel was shivering and it had about 10 baby camels lying all around it in the sink. I suddenly remembered that something was wrong with the camel and that I had been supposed to be taking care of it. I was supposed to nurse it back to health. I felt really guilty for having neglected the camel, and I told my father that perhaps I should take care of the camel first before tackling the cabinet. I added, "I have a bad habit of taking on too many projects at one time."

I realized I definitely did have such a problem, although I hated to admit it. I tried to decide what to do. I knew I needed to attend to the camel.

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