Dream of: 19 March 2009 "Mad Magazine"

My mother and I had gone to visit some people apparently related to us. We were in the mountains, possibly West Virginia, in the house of the people, where we had already been staying for a few days. Today we were supposed to go to a little town about an hour away and eat.

I had been using a portable computer which belonged to the people in the house. I had installed my own photo program on the computer so I could upload my pictures onto the computer.

Two women (each around 40 years old) were in the house. I also was about 40 years old. I was thin, but the women were a bit heavy. One woman resembled the character Janice Soprano (played by Aida Turturro in the television series "The Sopranos"). Sitting at my computer, I had added some pictures of the two women to the computer. I normally took pictures of whoever I was around and kept copies of them.

One of the women was standing beside me and one was leaning over my back, pushing her breasts into my back. I told them I would show them something on the computer, thinking I would pull up the pictures of them which I had loaded unto the computer. I couldn't get the pictures to come up, however. Other programs appeared, but the picture program failed to realize, so I was disappointed.

The woman behind me still continued to lean on me. It felt good. I was going to say something to her about how good having her skin next to mine felt, but I didn't say anything. She stayed pressed against me for a while longer, then she stepped away.

I continued trying to work on the picture program. Apparently I had many pictures of the covers of comic magazines, some of which materialized. Pictures of the covers of Mad Magazine also appeared. Seeing the comic book covers made me think of comic book heroes. I also thought about how Mad Magazine was still printed in paper magazine form, as well as comic books. I figured Mad Magazine and comic books were probably under pressure because of the Internet. So many people could see things in the Internet. I had heard that the Mad Magazine company was still worth a lot of money. I thought one of the big media companies owned the Mad Magazine company. I thought the big media company was somewhat dependent on the value of the Mad Magazine company. I thought I might like to begin buying Mad Magazines again.

After being distracted by thoughts of Mad Magazine, I stood up, suddenly very hungry. My mother was standing nearby. It told her it was almost 4 o'clock and I was going to go get something to eat right now, I didn't care. I wasn't going to wait any longer. I started to put on my shoes.

A girl who was my sister (13-14 years old, not my real sister) stepped up to me. I picked up a square piece of flat wood, about 8 by 8 centimeters. I could hold the wood flat in the air in front of me, and when I would press down on it, it would not go down. The way it resisted going down resembled a floating magnet that is being repelled upward from the earth. I put both my hands on the piece of wood, pressed down with my hands until my feet came up off the ground. In this posture, I was able to float around the room. After floating a while, I began trying to show my sister how the device worked. She tried, but because she was so small, she had great difficulty.

I began floating again, and for a little while she was able to float with me. She put her hands along with mine onto the little slab of wood and together we floated. I tried letting loose and allowing her to float alone, but she wasn't able to do so and the wood descended to the floor. My sister also descended to the floor and lay there. I gazed over her, thinking I would like to be closer to her. I would like to lie next to her, pull her close to me, and be somewhat intimate with her. I didn't know whether I should do something like that with her. After all, she was my sister.

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