Dream of: 17 March 2009 "Exposed"

Late at night, I was on the second floor of a house which resembled the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). Quite a few people, including Michelle, were having a little party downstairs. Michelle knew I was in the House, but she thought I was asleep. I figured it didn't make any difference to her whether I was asleep.

I walked downstairs and looked into the room where Michelle was. Several other people were in the room and Michelle was with a thin fellow (probably in his early 20s) with a burr haircut. She was wearing a fancy pale blue dress (like one I had seen in an old picture of her). I stood outside the room and watched her around the corner of the door, with the feeling that she knew I was watching her, but that she didn't really care.

While the fellow was sitting in a chair, Michelle put her arms around him, brazenly climbed onto his lap, and sat atop him. She then blatantly bent over so one of her breasts popped out. Everyone in the room saw and someone even said something. Michelle didn't care -- clearly she had intentionally exposed herself.

I was disgusted with the repugnant scene. I thought to myself that I simply didn't want to be involved with someone like that. Watching her was definitely eye-opening.

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