Dream of: 12 March 2009 "Criminal Behavior"

Michelle and I were in the kitchen of a place which resembled the Logan Street House. When I noticed Michelle giving me a funny look, I had the feeling something strange was going on, but I wasn't sure what. We talked and Michelle said, "I didn't tell you everything my dad did."

I didn't know what she meant by that, but I suddenly had the feeling that her father had once been involved in criminal behavior, and that she was now going to commit a similar criminal act against me. I still, however, wasn't sure what kind of criminal act was involved. She stepped close to me, put her arms around me, and said, "Don't take your hands off me, Steve."

I had the feeling something terrible would happen if I let her go, but I wasn't sure what. I also began thinking another person was going to help her commit the crime against me. I thought of asking her what she intended to do to me and in my mind I could hear her continuing, "Because we're going to kill you."

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