Dream of: 04 March 2009 "Low Altitude"

While I was attending an outdoor event, someone told me that my old junior high girlfriend, Debi, wanted to talk with me. When I spotted a pretty woman who I thought was Debi, I started walking toward her, until I realized the woman wasn't Debi. When I did spot Debi standing over to the side with her husband (apparently Shaw), I walked toward her, reached her, and said hello. Another old female high school classmate, Mary, was with Debi. Both Debi and Mary looked as if they were around 30 years old and both were wearing pretty dresses (Mary was wearing a black dress).

Although I had never thought Adams was very pretty, she now looked rather cute and I was enjoying her company. I wanted to tell Mary that she had been in some of my dreams, but I decided that talking about my dreams wouldn't be appropriate at the moment.

The three of us began walking around together until we reached a long set of descending stairs. I jumped onto the stairs and skidded down them, hoping to impress everyone with my ability to skid down stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a field. Wanting to impress the others even more, I rose into the air and began flying across the field. When I failed to reach much altitude, however, I floated back to the ground.

After I landed, Debi and Mary walked over to me, and we stepped up to a chest-high picnic table. An Hispanic woman walked up to the table and set a plate of food (with netting over its top) onto the table. It looked as if the plate contained rolls. I touched it. The woman pulled off the netting and revealed little round sandwiches on the plate. Half were made of seafood, half of beef. When Mary and Debi picked up some sandwiches, I also picked up a beef sandwich and was about to eat it, when someone said that we should hide, that someone was coming.

A policeman stepped up and said that this wasn't allowed, that this was "for take-out only." I didn't know what he meant. The food seemed like "take-out" to me. It looked as if the policeman was going to write us a ticket, but he didn't. He simply told us to leave and he walked off. We stood silent for a moment, getting ready to leave.

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