Dream of: 24 February 2009 "The Owner"

Seeley and I were walking together down 11th Street in Portsmouth. Seeley seemed to be having difficulty walking and sometimes he was even leaning on me. I thought he might be high. I jokingly said I thought "I could take him now," and I talked about how old he had become. Seeley seemed to agree with me and he talked about how his muscles had grown smaller, holding his fingers apart to show how big his biceps were, and how they had shrunk. I said that was the whole point I was making, that he was getting too old. I did complement him, however, about the way he had installed some metal roofs the previous year. He said he had merely been trying to show me how to install the roofs, that he had done it for me. I wanted to know if he were still installing metal roofs.

We came to the corner of Lincoln Street, where a cottage was sitting on the northeast corner of 11th and Lincoln. As we walked past the house, I told Seeley I owned it. I had completely forgotten I owned the house. It had a maroon metal roof. As we passed the house, I noticed parts of the roof were torn up. One section of the roof was crinkled and completely ruined.

I figured the house was worth at least $5,000. I thought I could add that sum to the total of my assets. I was happy to know that I had an extra house.

As we walked around the corner of the house, I noticed a thick black wire running from my house to the house next door. It looked like a cable television wire. I also noticed a satellite dish on the house. Next to the satellite dish was a hole in the roof, about 10 centimeters in diameter. I was concerned water might be getting into the house and I thought I needed to go inside to check for leaks.

It looked as if someone next door had connected the wire to the satellite dish on my house but then I noticed the wire was actually disconnected. The end of the cable wire had four sockets on it and Seeley said something about four brothers living in the house next door.

I then noticed an orangish-red wire running out of my house and into the house next door. That didn't make sense. I wondered if the electric were turned on in my house.

I walked around to the front porch and found a door open. I walked inside, intending to make sure nobody was in the house. I was surprised to find the first room filled with all kinds of brass objects -- jars and containers. I wondered if the stuff was stolen and I began to wonder if someone were in the house. I hollered out, asking if anyone were in the house. When no one answered, Seeley and I continued through the house, finding more stuff in every room.

Finally, a very strange looking thin fellow (about 30 years old) appeared. He was only about four feet tall and he seemed to be wearing a metal barrel. All I could see were his arms and head sticking out of the barrel. He was extremely friendly. He put his arms around me and I hugged him. I asked him if anyone else was in the house. I was worried someone might attack us.

I continued walking through the many rooms of the house. The floors were covered with bright garish carpet, a different color in every room. The house was in bad condition and obviously needed much repair. I thought I might just rent it to the fellow in the barrel, maybe for only $100 a month just so I could get something out of it. But he looked homeless and I doubted he had any money.

In one of the back rooms I finally found another fellow lying on the floor. I could only see his head. He was black and also about 30 years old. I walked up to him and said, "I'm the owner. Now you've got a problem."

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