Dream of: 12 February 2009 "Pills"

As Don (one of Michel's so-called brothers, he was Michelle's age and had lived in the same house as Michelle when she had been a teenager) and I were walking together across an athletic field close to a school, I noticed a dark blue satchel lying on the ground. Thinking an athlete might have left the satchel, I said to Don, "What's that?"

When he replied that it was a pill satchel, I bent over and picked it up. I opened the satchel and saw some rope lying on top, but when I shook the satchel, I could hear pills rattling around inside. Looking closer, I could see several clear round plastic trays (about eight centimeters in diameter).

As we continued walking, I pulled out one tray and saw some red pills inside, which I thought might be Oxycontin. We walked on until we reached the Gallia County Farmhouse, entered and walked upstairs to the second floor to the middle bedroom. I looked at the red pills more carefully. They were a generic brand of oxycodone, not the brand name Oxycontin. I thought they were 80 milligrams, although they didn't look as big as normal 80 milligram pills. I asked Don what he thought. He was hanging over me, watching, as I pulled out a second round tray which contained perhaps 100 little green pills. I figured they were 20 milligram pills and I told Don they were worth $20 apiece, but he said they were only worth $5 apiece. I thought I would end up giving Don some, maybe even half. When I spilled some pills, Don began scraping them up, and as he put them back in the tray, I could tell he was stealing some. I told him the pills were mine. I realized he was probably entitled to some since he had been with me when I had found them, but I didn't want to give him half.

Other trays with more pills were still in the satchel. I thought about calling Michelle and telling her what I had found. She had also been back at the athletic field and I thought she would be coming with me from the field, but she had stayed there.

I ate a little piece of one of the red pills, which tasted sweet and good. I had intended to give some to Don, but I didn't feel like giving him any after I knew he had already taken some from me. As Don and I talked about the pills, I suddenly heard someone coming. I stuck the trays back in the satchel and put the satchel under an end-table.

Don's older brother, Alan, walked into the room. Muscular, unsmiling, Alan saw the satchel, picked it up and held on to it. When I saw that Don had one of the trays in his hand, I thought he and Alan were going to try to divide the pills three-ways with me, but suddenly I realized Don and Alan were going to try to steal all the pills from me. I said something to them about it, but I didn't know what I was going to do.  Alan was stronger than I, and I didn't know how I could prevent his stealing the pills. I thought my .38 caliber handgun might be in the side-bedroom, but I figured if I left to fetch the gun, they would leave before I was able to return. I was unsure what I would do.

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