Dream of: 02 February 2009 "Leaving"

Michelle and I were sitting in a bed in an upstairs bedroom of the House in Patriot (a cottage in the tiny village of Patriot, Ohio, where my mother's parents lived when I was a child). Upset with her, I stood up out of the bed. I had decided that I had had enough of her and that I didn't want to be with her anymore. As I was talking with her, I slipped and was just about to call her Carolina. I stopped myself just as I said "Car...," but then went ahead and said the whole name "Carolina" anyway.

Michelle had been making me unhappy lately and I had decided I was simply going to leave her. While she spoke to me as I stood beside the bed, I blurted, "You left me, now I'm leaving you."

I reached out my hands toward her, as if I were going to choke her, and I said, "I'm never coming back. Instead, I'm going to kill you."

I had no intention of killing her. I was just trying to scare her a little.

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