Dream of: 22 January 2009 (2) "Operation"

I was with Michelle and Michelle's attractive black-haired friend, Brittney (Michelle's age). At the same time that I was getting ready to have sex with Michelle, I was also talking about having sex with Brittney. When Brittney pulled down her pants, however, I noticed one small penis (about five centimeters long) as well as a couple other small penises. It seemed that Brittney had an extra set of legs (four legs in total) with a penis between every two legs.

I decided to operate on Brittney and cut off the middle penis. As soon as I began cutting, however, I realized Brittney was actually in another body which was walking around in the room. As I cut, I asked Brittney if she were in any pain, and she said no. Apparently she wasn't feeling pain because she was actually in the other body which was walking around the room. Michelle helped me as I finished cutting off the middle penis.

I decided to go ahead and cut off the other two penises as well. Before I could begin the operation, however, Michelle grabbed one of the other penises and simply twisted it off. It was an ugly sight. When Michelle said she was going to do the same thing to the last remaining penis, I told her I intended to cut it off instead. With the body stretched out in front of me, I picked up a razor and began cutting on the last penis. I had difficulty, however, and I couldn't manage to completely sever the penis.

At the same time, I was contemplating having sex with both Michelle and Brittney when I finished the operation, even though cutting off the final penis was proving tedious.

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