Dream of: 22 January 2009 "Losing Consciousness"

My friend Michelle and I were both standing in the living room of the 17th Street House (where I had been living in Portsmouth, Ohio since 2006). We had both taken some drugs, and suddenly I felt light-headed, almost as if I were going to pass out. I fell over on my left side onto the pink couch. Although I was still conscious, I felt as if I might completely pass out. I was still moving my right hand, which was hanging over the side of the couch. Michelle seemed concerned I might die, and she was repeating something which sounded like, "Don't die."

I knew I wasn't going to die, but I was concerned I might actually lose consciousness. Since I knew that I had about $150 in my billfold, and that Michelle would take the money if I passed out, I needed to stay awake. I could already feel her pulling a piece of cloth out from under me, perhaps an article of clothing.

Although everything around me had turned black, I tried to maintain my consciousness, and gradually my eyes opened and I began waking up.

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