Dream of: 20 January 2009 "Flying A Helicopter"

I found a small helicopter in Portsmouth, Ohio, boarded it, and took off flying, encased in the round glass dome. I continued flying until I reached Athens, Ohio. When I decided to land, I had difficulty because I had to negotiate through some electric wires, but I finally managed to set the copter down in a grassy area next to a Wendy's restaurant. Once on the ground, I stepped out of the helicopter and headed toward the restaurant.

Before entering the restaurant, I had to pass through a little ante-room which had grass on the floor. Instead of proceeding further, I sat down in the ante-room on the grass, and saw some food lying in a little hole in the ground -- some English walnuts, oranges, and round pale fruit which resembled melons. There was also a little bowl with chocolate drops filled with a soft white substance. I immediately ate one of the chocolate drops. It tasted good.

I wondered if someone were going to come out of the restaurant to claim the food, or whether it had simply been left behind. Some people walked out and passed me without stopping. Finally, however, a cute black-haired girl (about 20 years old) walked out, stood in front of me, and said something about her food. I wasn't sure whether I should believe the food was hers, until she pulled out another melon similar to the ones in the hole. She told me, however, that she didn't want the food and that I could have it. Surprised, I told her she could at least sit down and eat an orange with me.

She sat down and I picked out a small melon, put it back, and picked out a larger one for her. When I handed it to her, she said the melon I had chosen for her was longer, not really bigger than the first one I had picked.

After a while, I noticed the girl appeared to be completely naked (although I thought she might simply be wearing something transparent). I could see her pubic area, which appeared to be shaved (although I couldn't be sure).

After the girl and I had talked a little while, another woman and a second girl walked up and sat down with us. Apparently the woman was the mother of the first girl. We talked for a while and the mother asked me if I had insurance and a license to fly the helicopter. I said no, realizing I didn't even have permission to have the helicopter.

After we talked a while longer, I asked the first girl if she wanted to go for a ride in the helicopter. When she said no, I thought she was probably unwilling because I had no license or insurance. I was disappointed and we stopped talking. We were silent for a while until I finally broke the silence and said something about going to school in Athens. I told them I had attended school in Athens a long time ago, and that I had graduated from Athens. I thought to myself it had been about 35 years since I had attended school in Athens.

The mother said something about the place being only for children. She seemed to be saying the school in Athens was a rinky-dink place. I thought for a moment then said, "No, its for children and adults."

I thought I had given a good answer. The mother then said something about her daughter's studying some kind of science at the school, and she proceeded to list several complicated subjects which the daughter was studying. She also mentioned that her daughter knew how to fly. At first I thought the mother was talking about flying an airplane, but it also sounded as if she might be talking about some kind of simulated flying.

Finally the three of them stood up to leave. I was disappointed. They walked out of the ante-room, leaving the food, except the chocolate drops, which they had taken. I thought to myself they had taken the best part of the food.

Since it was starting to get dark, I thought I should be leaving. I was concerned about flying the helicopter in the dark, especially since I had never flown a helicopter before today, much less in the dark. I wasn't even sure whether I could fly in the dark.

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