Dream of: 14 January 2009 "In Outer Space"

After taking some pills and drinking quite a bit of alcohol, I passed out. When I awoke, I realized I was on a space ship which looked like a space shuttle and I began to recall that my father had obtained the space ship for a trip into outer space. Realizing I was already in outer space was exhilarating and scary at the same time.  I looked around, trying to figure out what part of the ship I was on, but I couldn't make it out. At first I couldn't even see a way out of the small room I was in, but finally I spotted a set of stairs leading up. I walked up the stairs until I reached an area of the space ship where I was able to walk around.

In an area which appeared to be in the rear of the ship, I found a window covered with something which looked like cardboard. I lifted off the cardboard and tried to look out, but it was too dark outside. I looked out another window and was able to see some bright stars, but I couldn't see well because it appeared foggy outside.

I continued walking through the ship until I passed through a bathroom, the floor of which was covered with old raggedy carpeting. The whole ship began to resemble an old second-hand house-trailer. Nothing was modern.

Finally I reached the front of the ship, climbed up more stairs, and ended up in the control cabin.  My father (probably in his mid 40s), my mother, and a couple children (apparently my siblings) were in the cabin. I thought my father might need some help piloting the ship. Since I figured that he had probably been controlling the ship for a while and was probably tired, I thought I might help him.

When I looked out the window, I saw how dark it was outside, as if it were night. I also noticed the window was open and I made a comment about it. The window appeared to have a screen and I could feel fresh air coming in, which I thought was strange because I hadn't thought there was any air in outer space. Nevertheless, a cool breeze issued through the window.

when I asked my father if he had obtained the space ship from a second-hand store, he didn't answer. He was friendly, but he didn't say much. I asked him where we were going and whether we were going to the dark side of the moon. He said no. I asked him if we were going into outer space, and again he said no.

When I looked out a window and saw white cumulus clouds not far below us, I said something about how we were "just above the clouds." I had thought we were already in outer space, but now I realized we were only up above the clouds. When I asked my father when we were going to land, he said something about my needing to speak Spanish. I didn't know what he was talking about, but finally I realized we were going to land somewhere in Mexico.

He said something about making a mistake because it was going to be the Fourth of July and he didn't think anything would be open. I thought to myself that it didn't make any difference if it was the Fourth of July because the Mexicans didn't care about the Fourth of July. I said, "In Mexico its just like any other day."

I thought the United States government had watched the space ship take off and I thought I might even be interviewed at some point. I thought if I mentioned someone else's name in the interview, I might mention my old girlfriend Vickie (a very intelligent girl I dated for a couple months in 1978). I had often wondered what had become of Vickie. I would say something like, "I'd like to know what ever happened to Vickie." I might also mention that I had become a lawyer and that now I had been in outer space.

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