Dream of: 03 January 2009 "Terrorist Attack"

I was visiting my ex-wife Carolina at the Summerdale Drive House in Hurst, Texas where I lived from 1993 to 2006. While I was in an upstairs bedroom (this House had a second floor), Carolina's husband Sal came home. I had been worried he might return home, and I wanted to leave without his seeing me. However, he walked into the bedroom before I could leave and he saw me, but he acted as if he hadn't. I realized he was willing to accept my presence because he knew I was doing something for Carolina.

All three of us walked downstairs into the kitchen. I wanted to see the improvements which Carolina had made in the House since I moved out. A little stove with an ornate chimney adorned the kitchen.

A bed was in the middle of the kitchen. Carolina told me I could stay there for a while. Although it was only a single bed, I lay down on one side and Carolina lay down on the other. It was morning. We lay with our backs together and our butts touching. We pulled the covers over us.

Sal was walking around the kitchen. A black-haired friend of Sal's was also walking around the kitchen. I wondered if Sal knew our butts were touching. Some children were running around the room, apparently Sal's children. One little boy climbed into the bed down by my feet. When he pressed against me, I pressed back with my foot on his shin. He started crying. I was afraid Sal would become angry.

I decided it was time for me to leave. I stood up, walked outside, and climbed on a bicycle which I had parked out back. I took off riding, intending to go to downtown Dallas. I was enjoying the ride. I thought to myself that I had around $10,000. I recalled that I used to have around $60,000. But I still had enough to visit places like this and ride around on a bicycle. I could even fly someplace with my bicycle. If I had a collapsible bicycle, I could carry it on the plane with me.

I thought I might also visit some women whom I knew in Dallas. I wished I had brought some Viagra with me. I thought I would be able to get an erection without the Viagra, but it would have been nice to have had it with me. Next time I needed to take Viagra with me.

I was on a highway and I could see the Dallas skyline up ahead. Suddenly there was an explosion and one of the tall buildings in downtown Dallas blew up right in front of me. Traffic stopped. I likewise stopped and climbed off my bicycle. A few seconds later another building blew up. Debris and big red flames shot into the sky. The sight was horrific. Five or six explosions followed one after the other. A big white building which looked like the Texas capital building was engulfed in flames. The old red courthouse in Dallas was still standing. I was thinking that at least the old red courthouse would remain. Clearly the explosions were the results of a terrorist attack.

A large field was on my right. People had begun moving from the road into the field, and one fellow had pulled out a video camera and was taking video of the scene of devastation in front of us. I also had a camera which I pulled out and took a picture.

I noticed that something was swinging over the filed. It was a steel cable with a hook on the bottom. Other people were standing in the field. But one fellow was standing by the guard rail and  I thought he was a terrorist. I thought he intended to hit people in the field with the hook.

Finally the hook fell to the ground. Another fellow on the other side of the field grabbed the hook and it looked as if he attached it to a guard rail. He also looked like a terrorist. As the steel cable tightened, I realized the two terrorists were going to try to pull the guardrails together and crush the people in the field. As the cable tightened, the fellow who had placed the cable ran close to me. I  leaped toward him and tried to knock him down. 

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