Dream of: 01 January 2009 (2) "Stone Blind"

I was sitting on the floor in a room when I heard my cell pone vibrating. I looked around the room, didn't see the phone at first, then spotted it lying next to my computer. I picked it up and looked at the name of the caller on the screen. At first I thought it said "Pam" (the name of one of my renters), then realized the name was "Paz" (my ex-mother-in-law, the mother of my ex-wife, Carolina). I clicked the answer button, put the phone to my ear and said hello. Paz answered.

As we began talking, I was thinking Paz was the mother of Michelle (who I called Carolina while talking with Paz). Every time I said "Carolina," I actually had Michelle pictured in my mind. I knew Michelle and I had had a big fight the previous night and Michelle had left me. I wanted to talk with Michelle, but I now had no way of reaching her, so I was glad Paz had called because I thought she might have talked with Michelle.

When I answered, I started to say "Como estás?" and speak with Paz in Spanish, as we usually did. Paz however said a few words in English, so I responded in English instead of Spanish. As Paz continued talking in English, I was impressed by her command of the language and how clear her voice sounded.

She immediately began complaining because I hadn't called her in such a long time. She said it had been 16 months and I figured that was the length of time since I had last seen her. I felt guilty and I told her I that was sorry, that I should have called her sooner. I almost felt like telling her I would come to Texas, just to see her.

When she said she was now "stone blind in one eye," I told her I was sorry to hear that.

I was mainly concerned, however, about Michelle. I asked Paz if she had heard anything about Carolina (meaning Michelle). Paz said she hadn't heard anything except what she read in the papers. I was surprised by what she had said, and I tried to imagine what could have been in the papers about Michelle. Suddenly I realized Michelle might have gotten married, and I asked, "Did Carolina get married?"

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