Dream of: 01 January 2009 "Bison"

My friend Michelle came to visit me in a house where I was living. She looked younger than usual (perhaps 17-18 years old). Her boyfriend Wayne and a second fellow were with her. Wayne didn't look anything like his normal self. He was only about 20 years old, had black hair and was thin. He and the other fellow sat down on a couch in the living room while Michelle sat down in an easy chair.

My father walked into the room and lay down on the couch were Wayne and the other fellow were sitting. My father took up half the couch, leaving the other two crunched together on the end.

I walked out of the room for a moment, then stood in the hallway looking back in at Michelle. She looked so young and innocent. Her beautiful blonde hair seemed to glisten.

I walked back in to her. She was holding a coloring book in her hand. On the page were several boxes with a different picture in each box. She was working on one picture, which I looked at. It depicted a big wooly animal which looked like a wooly mammoth, but which I identified as a "bison." Michelle was coloring it brown. She pointed to it and said that I was that animal.

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