The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

Dream of: 01 May 2008 "Leaky Ceiling"

I returned home to the small white cottage where I was living with Carolina. Before going inside, I noticed several cats prowling around in the yard. I wanted to get rid of the cats which had been taking over the place. When I walked in the house, I discovered even more cats inside. I thought I might need a gun to shoot the cats. I quickly realized I had a worse problem: my pet Dalmatian Picasso was missing. I frantically paced from room to room, calling out Picasso's name.

Then I noticed some water on the floor of a little room. I examined the area and discovered the water was dripping from the ceiling. I walked into the next room and found more water on the floor and discovered an even bigger flow of water out of the ceiling. I couldn't figure out why water would be coming out of the ceilings, but I quickly turned off the main water line to stop the flow.

Carolina walked out of the back bedroom. Even though it was 3:30 in the afternoon, she was just getting out of bed. She was only abut 20 years old and she look thinner than normal. I told her about the leaks, which she hadn't even noticed. I asked her if she had been too busy "fucking" someone all day to take heed of the house.

I was in a lousy mood. I figured Picasso must be dead. I had to deal with the leaky ceiling. And I was angry at Carolina. Things just weren't going right.

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