Dream of: 27 December 2007 "Attending Church"

My father, my mother, my sister, and I were standing outside a large brown church. People were walking into the church and I was also thinking of going inside, except I wasn't dressed for church -- I was wearing a tee shirt and brown sandals. I was also carrying a box and a broom. Everyone else walked into the church while I remained outside, still trying to get ready. Finally, I left my broom outside and I walked in.

The box was a Christmas present, although it was unwrapped. Other people had also carried Christmas presents into the church and had placed them under a Christmas tree toward the front of the church. I set my box under the back of the tree where it wouldn't be so noticeable. I figured someone would get the present.

I found some black shoes, which I put on. I still wasn't wearing socks, but it was hardly noticeable. I was also carrying a blue jean jacket, which I held over my shoulder so my tee shirt wasn't quite as visible.

The church was crowded. I looked for my parents, thinking they would be seated toward the front, but I couldn't find them. A man stood up and asked me if I wanted to sit down. I declined and told him I was looking for my parents.

As I stood in the aisle, I realized my old friend from law school, Leah (probably in her late 30s), was standing in front of me with her back toward me. She was wearing a frilly pink and white dress. I walked up behind her, put my head close to her neck, and asked her if she went to church here. She turned around toward me and said she did. I was surprised to see her going to the same church which my family attended. I wanted to talk with her, but people began moving and she likewise moved away.

People were standing all around, looking for places to sit, but it seemed as if all the pews were taken. I joined a line of people who climbed some little narrow stairs. Apparently the stairs would take us up to the second floor and then we could come down on the other side of the church. We climbed and climbed and I finally said something about these stairs being as high as the Cathedral of Notre Dame, trying to impress people that I had been to Notre Dame.

We finally reached a floor where people were mingling in a wide open area which looked as if it contained restaurants and little shops. I noticed Rick Mauk (an acquaintance I had known in Portsmouth, Ohio in the 1970s) and I said, "Hi, Rick."

He seemed uncertain whether to speak to me, but he finally said "hi" back to me. I thought to myself that it was best to speak to old acquaintances like that.

I walked into a restaurant area. After I sat down at a table, two young fellows (probably in their late teens) sat down at my table, one straight across from me, the other to my right. We began talking and they quickly let me know they belonged to a prominent family. The fellow across from me seemed a bit snooty. He said something about some people who went to this church who belonged to a brokerage firm (it sounded like Goldman Sachs). Apparently his father worked at the firm, and he spoke of other important people in the firm. He talked of the importance of money, and he said all the people in the firm wore trinkets, which I inferred meant they wore diamonds. The trinkets were supposed to set the people off and show how important they were.

He mispronounced a word, but I didn't correct him. Everything he said seemed pretentious. Nevertheless, I continued listening to him. It seemed as if this were all part of the church.

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