Dream of: 22 December 2007 (2) "Finding Money"

Walls and I were riding around Portsmouth in a brand new red Volkswagen which I had just bought. I had given Walls the money, and he had bought the car for me. This was the first time I had driven the car and I had already found a couple things I didn't like about the car. The bottom of the seat seemed to be made of flimsy rubber which seemed to be coming apart already. I also discovered a tear on the front console. I thought I might take the car back, but I reflected that since I had already received the car, I couldn't have it repaired now. I asked Walls how much he had paid for the car and he said, "Twelve thousand."

I thought the car would at least get good gas mileage and it should last a long time. I liked the car, but I wasn't happy with the defects.

As I continued driving, I realized the car was a standard shift, and I was having difficulty shirting. I had forgotten how difficult a standard was to drive. As I headed down an underpass, I had to put on the brakes and the clutch at the same time. It seemed as if the brake didn't want to catch. I was in fifth gear, and I almost ran into the back of another car before I was able to get the brake to catch. I abruptly decided I was definitely going to take the car back and have the brakes checked because the brakes definitely weren't working correctly.

We were on 17th Street near Grandview Avenue. I pulled the car over and parked it. Walls and I climbed out and started walking down 17th Street.

Mike had a wad of money which apparently belonged to me and which I had dropped on the ground. When he handed the money to me, I reflected that Mike could have kept the money and that he had just proved his trustworthiness. 

When we reached an ice cream shop on the corner of 17th and Grandview, I noticed some paper money lying on the ground. The money was brown instead of green. Other people were standing around, but since no one said anything, Mike and I began picking up the money. We quickly gathered up the money, then headed toward the car, which was sitting on 17th Street next to Mound Park. I told Mike when we got in the car we would count up the money and divide it evenly. He seemed a bit reluctant. I thought perhaps he thought he had picked up more money than I. Since we had both seen the money at the same time, I thought it would be fairest to count the money and divide it evenly. We kept walking toward the car.

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