Dream of: 22 December 2007 "A Fool"

Michelle and I were in the living room of a house in the country where we were expecting some people to show up for a party. Since no one was there yet, we decided to have sex. I walked around the room to make sure the doors and windows were closed or covered so no one showing up unexpectedly could see us. When a big double door which led to the outside flew open, I closed it.

When I had finished, Michelle and I lay down next to each other on a couch. We hadn't even taken off our clothes yet, when Michelle suddenly said she wanted to go back to town to a birthday party for a young boy who was one of her relatives. I complained that we hadn't had sex yet and that I wanted to have sex first. I wasn't sure whether she was going to give in, but I began to fear we weren't going to have sex after all.

Disappointed, I stood up and walked upstairs to look for my pet Dalmatian Picasso. A window in an upstairs room led out to a porch roof, and Picasso had climbed out the window onto roof. Seeing a couple other dogs also on the roof, I remembered I had earlier put the other dogs on the roof for some reason. As I looked at the dogs, one disappeared off the edge of the roof. I couldn't see where it had gone, but apparently it had jumped. I couldn't see Picasso now either, and I worried he might have also jumped off the roof and been injured or killed. I could just imagine his dead body lying on the ground below.

I climbed out the window onto the roof. Once I was on the roof, I began slipping so unexpectedly, I almost seemed to be imagining I was slipping. I tried to grab onto something, but there was nothing to hold to and finally I slid over the edge of the roof. Dangling over the edge, I was able to grab hold of a piece of metal roof, even though I was afraid I would cut my hand on the metal. Hanging over the edge, I placed my feet on a white wooden gate below. As I tottered on the gate, I hollered for Michelle. Confusing her name, I called her "Carolina." She quickly came outside to where I was and I hollered, "I'm falling!"

When she saw me holding onto the roof while my feet were on the swinging wooden gate, she laughed and good-naturedly said, "You're a fool."

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