Dream of: 17 December 2007 "Tanzinol"

Walls (who had been one of my best friends in Portsmouth during my late high school and early college years) and I were in the park area in Portsmouth along the Ohio River close to the U.S. Grant bridge. Another fellow was with us. Since Walls didn't know how to swim, I had paid the fellow $30 to teach Walls to swim. The fellow proceeded to throw three rubber balls into the river, and then he told Walls to jump into the river and swim out to the balls. When Walls refused, the fellow jumped in himself to retrieve the balls.

I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, Walls was also in the river. Although he didn't know how to swim, he was able to float on the surface. I watched as the other fellow dove down into the water, came back up underneath Walls, grabbed Walls, pulled him under the water, and held him there. My attention was distracted for a moment, and when I looked back, the fellow had pulled Walls up on the shore. He then pulled Walls all the way up to where I was standing by a little refreshment stand (some refreshments stands had been set up similar to ones set up during the annual River Days Festival).

As the fellow talked with Walls, I realized we were going to have to return here several more times before Walls was going to learn to swim. That would cost me even more money.

As we stood outside the refreshment stand, I began talking to a very pretty well-endowed black-haired woman (19-20 years old) working behind the counter of the stand. I had met her before and I liked her. I thought she might be somehow related to Walls, and I told her about how I was paying to have someone teach Walls to swim.

As we conversed, I began writing on the counter with a pencil I was holding. When I saw the man who I thought owned the stand inside, I began erasing what I had written. At the same time, I noticed someone had actually defaced the top of the metal counter by carving words into it. Those words couldn't be erased.

The man told us to turn off a music device which was playing and he pointed out a sign which said, "No American Music." I had difficulty understanding the reason, but apparently music was forbidden in the entire area at this time. The man, however, didn't seem upset that I was talking to the woman and finally he walked away.

At last the woman stepped outside into a small private area where I could talk with her beside the refreshment stand. She and I sat down on a bench together and as we  continued talking, our faces moved closer and closer. I lightly kissed her on her lips (glossed with pink lipstick) and she didn't stop me. We continued kissing and she opened her mouth. The kisses were extremely pleasurable.

We stopped and continued talking. She edged even closer and told me she had a "people problem." She backed away slightly as I told her to tell me her problem. To myself I was thinking that I already had enough problems of my own and that I didn't need to hear anyone else's problems. I would just have to add her problem to the list of problems with which I trying to deal.

She began describing her problem by talking about how she needed about $50 to buy some shirts and clothes. I quickly realized she didn't have a people problem at all, but rather a monetary problem. I thought about how my problems tended to deal with people.

As she talked, I began thinking: I wondered if I might be able to start having a relationship with her and pay her to have sex with me. I figured $50 would be just about the right amount. I contemplated how I could broach the subject. I didn't want to simply blurt out that I would pay her $50 to have sex with me. I would need to lead into the subject. I thought perhaps I could point out that she needed something and I needed something. 

Michelle crossed my mind. I fretted that having sex with this woman might complicate my continuing to have sex with Michelle and I wasn't quite sure how I could work out the complications.

When the woman and I finally stood up, I asked her if she were somehow related to Walls. She said no, that he treated her as if she were his little sister, but she wasn't really related to him. I was glad to hear that, but I wondered why Walls had never tried to have a romantic relationship with this woman. I knew I was definitely going to try to start seeing her.

We finally ended our conversation and I walked away. I walked past some other stands until I entered what at first appeared to be a booth, but which looked more like a room in a building once I was inside. Several people were sitting in chairs in the room and I quickly surmised these people were government bureaucrats who either worked for the city of Portsmouth or for Scioto county.

One man sitting in a chair was talking and I thought he might be the mayor of Portsmouth. He mentioned a plant called "tanzinol" (which was apparently a drug plant) and how they had been successful in ridding Scioto county of tanzinol.

I sat down and listened. I looked straight at the man and told him I had never heard of tanzinol. He looked at me suspiciously, as if everyone knew what tanzinol was, but I told him I didn't know. When I noticed a couple plants in cans on the floor by his feet, I looked at them and I asked the man, "Is that it?"

He again looked at me suspiciously, as if he thought I was trying to find out what tanzinol looked like. As he and I continued staring at each other, I finally realized I wasn't looking at a man at all, but at a picture of a man on the wall. The more I looked, the less the picture even looked like a man, but more like a lizard. I finally broke my gaze from him and looked around the room. Everything was beginning to look distorted and I wondered if I had somehow been affected by the plant by simply being in the same room.

When I stood up, I noticed on one wall a large poster which contained a map of Scioto county and which showed little pictures of 10-15 various drug plants (along with their names) which could be found in Scioto county. I was surprised to see so many different types of drug plants growing in Scioto county and I thought I would like to learn a little more about the plants. I searched for tanzinol, but I couldn't find the name or the picture of tanzinol.

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